Written by: Matthijs Wolff | On November 29, 2018

By Matthijs Wolff 

At Fanly we know that users of loyalty, engagement, and payment platforms are spending more at our client’s outlets than regular customers. That’s why we are developing these platforms, to increase return visits, increase recurring revenues and provide valuable client data. This year we had our first Black Friday experience. And the results are stunning. What happens when you shoot a special Black Friday offer to app users and communicate this special loyalty offer to your social crowd on Facebook?

We have to anonymize our client’s numbers a little, as we would do when you become our client. But we can provide some really amazing insights that are rather convincing when talking about the potential of a customer engagement platform.

Fanly client X pushed out a message to all app users 4 days before Black Friday, announcing a very special offer only to be revealed on the Friday itself. The same message was published on the client’s own social channels: download the app and get a special offer.


App downloads

Immediately we saw the app download figures go up in double-digit percentages both on Android and iOS.  On the magical Black Friday itself (mind you: we are speaking about a Dutch client and Netherlands in 2018 has been experiencing its very first proper Black Friday with retailers massively promoting the event all over the media) the app download figures peaked to twenty times the normal number of downloads. Adding the number of downloads from the days before up to this number we can safely state that this single offer has increased the number of users of the loyalty platform by 4%. At first glance, this might not seem a mind-blowing number, but we are talking completely new users here. Imagine Walmart adding 4% totally new clients to their customer base after one specific offer. It would be massive.


Revenue numbers

So far for the app downloads, but what about the numbers that really count: the revenue. Client X is not a normal retailer but provides a service. It has been a bit of a guess whether or not their clients would see them as a logical company to put out a Black Friday deal. But it has worked out just fine. The increased number of app users was an indication, but the revenue numbers are the real proof. On Black Friday the revenues have nearly doubled, compared to other Fridays! Reminder: this is the result of one single offer pushed to the app users and a social crowd and only to be used in combination with the loyalty and engagement app. Throughout the company’s outlets over 4 times more transactions have been registered on Black Friday, compared to regular Fridays.

Looking back on this first Black Friday test (by the way: the whole cloud-based Fanly platform has worked flawless for all our clients on Black Friday as we expected) we have learnt a lot that we will be using when making the 2019 shopper marketing plans together with our increasing group of clients. Event-based marketing on days like Black Friday does not only work in traditional retail, e-commerce, and m-commerce, but big differences can really be made when adding loyalty, app communications and seamless payment methods to your marketing mix.

Summarizing the takeaways from this Black Friday campaign together with our client we have gained great insights on:

  • The dynamics of combining loyalty with direct client engagement
  • How to directly communicate and interact with the end consumer
  • How to optimize traffic and revenues by solely using own platforms
  • The power of member-gets-member functionalities
  • How to double your revenue on a Black Friday

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Head of Sales en Marketing Fanly Retail