Written by: Matthijs Wolff | On February 4, 2019

Fanly apps doing great with the end users

Matthijs Wolff

Being a platform and apps developer who works in the field of loyalty, engagement and payment Fanly is obviously focused on client feedback. We have to be practice what we preach, and we have to be what we sell. As head of marketing and sales every now and then I take the time to check on the user feedback in the App Store and Play Store. Just to see where we are doing well and what we can do better. The main news: we are doing well!

The App we developed for the successful Dutch chain Bagels & Beans (yes, a bagels and coffee chain with a great ‘love-brand’ style reputation) scores a massive 4,7 out of 5 in the Apple App Store (>1k reviews). And if you zoom in to the reviews you see that people are genuinely happy; not only with the great service in at the B&B locations but most certainly with the loyalty, engagement and payment platform. People love the app, they are really happy with the points (hearts) based mobile loyalty system and they are surprised with the advantages of the integrated wallet payment (Adyen integration)

And then there is the other coffee chain called Doppio Espresso, also using the platform by Fanly. They score 4,5 out of 5 which is also fantastic. Reading those feedback comments is really as satisfying as the great coffee they brew at Doppio. “I love the free coffee rewards, and it’s very easy to find a Doppio store when you enter another town or city” Gotta love the fact that users actually use all of the loyalty and engagement features we have put into the app.

Every now and then there is a negative review. Sometimes people are experiencing troubles. Can be the app, can be the connection and sometimes it is an ancient version of iOS or Android that is likely influencing the loyalty experience. And then it is great to see that the Fanly team is on the case, interacting with the commenter instantly, and coming up with potential solutions in no time. You can only sell engagement when you practice the engagement yourself. Well done team.

So far for the coffee brands. Perhaps it’s just the satisfied coffee-sipping millennials that are happy using the platform developed by Fanly? Let’s do a check on the feedback in The Sunflower app. Sunflower is a chain of tanning salons around Amsterdam. Using their app (developed by Fanly) you get rewarded on paying visits to the salon and buying sun tan products. The clients rewarded the app with again a stunning 4,7 out of 5. And again, the comments are generally positive, especially about combining wallet payment with loyalty points and free tanning sessions.

Of course, we know the power of the loyalty, engagement and payment platforms. We are evangelizing this to our clients and prospects on a daily basis. But seeing this actually work out with our clients’ clients is really great. I think it has something to do with the proof of the pudding.