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Doppio Espresso

Putting the customer first.

In collaboration with Doppio Espresso we launched “mijn Doppio”; their new loyalty & communication platform.

The Dutch most innovative coffee chain wants to stay ahead in everything that has made them successful.

Service is of paramount importance, and their brand new platform contributes to this during every step of Doppio’s customer journey.

Improving service through customer feedback

Doppio Espresso generates customer feedback through pinpointed questions ranging from customer(segments) in regards to their store, service or product experience.

Outcomes can be used for business decisions or even improvement of their menu.

More than a stamp card replacement.

“mijn Doppio” is a customer centric platform.

Not only does it replace the traditional stamp card with a powerful loyalty engine, it also offers a wide range of other benefits and functionality for their customers.

Doppio Espresso is in full control as it comes to designing their campaigns based on user segments.

Future proof

Doppio Espresso’s platform is built on the back of  Google Cloud and FireBase technology, ensuring a scalable and future proof environment.

Our top of the line API ensures seamless integrations with their  existing environment.

Payments, earnings and redemptions alike, all occur simultaneously, safe and of course real-time.

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