Clients - Fanly

Doppio Espresso

A unique coffee experience deserves a truly personal approach. 

The soon to be introduced Doppio platform enables them to reward regular and new customers for their purchase at a Doppio branch. Besides the improvement of their customer relationship, Doppio will also gain valuable customer insights about their preferred (buying) behavior.

Bagels & Beans

The success of Bagels & Beans can be found in the formula. Everything has been thought through. The colors, the clothes, the music, the level of service, and from now on also their app.

With the release of their platform, customers can easily make mobile payments and get rewarded at the same time. In addition, for Bagels & Beans it creates a powerful tool that enables them to start personalized marketing campaigns.

SUMO Restaurants

Eating sushi the SUMO way equals fulfillment and pure joy.

The biggest Dutch sushi-chain will soon launch their extensive loyalty platform.

Ordering, personal rewards, gamification and a merchandise shop are just a few features of their soon to be launched platform. 

The Sunflower

As a leading tanning-salon The Sunflower has built a huge group of loyal customers. 

The mission: build an app-based loyalty & payment platform that seamlessly integrates with their existing POS hardware. Since the launch it has enabled The Sunflower to generate more up- and cross-sell of their Suncosmetics. Besides a reward-program the app also provides convenience by letting customers use their prepaid-credit via the app, giving them access to even more benefits.