Solutions - Fanly

Next level customer engagement

We offer a wide range of innovative loyalty & engagement solutions allowing you to connect and engage throughout the customer journey.

Equipping yourself with the right set of tools enables you to understand customer (buying) behavior, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately drive profitable growth.

Loyalty through mobile payments

Leading brands are using mobile gift & payment technology to drive ease and speed of transaction. It has proven to increase both brand loyalty and customer referrals.

As part of a greater software solution, it is a great building block to turn customers into actively participating members and ambassadors of your brand.

A seamless shopping experience

Customers have increasingly higher expectations of personalized service, communication, and loyalty programs.

Depending on your business, we offer a range of solutions that will enhance the customer experience. Examples range from lifecycle content campaigns to mobile reservations & ordering and plenty more features.

Improving service through customer feedback

Actively solicited customer feedback empowers you in exceeding your business goals. We offer advanced rating & feedback modules allowing you to generate feedback from customer(segments) in regards to their store, service or product experience.

Built to last: future proof integrations

A great leap forward, above all with ease. Our top of the line API does not only offer the highest level of safety and reliability, it also supports seamless integration within your existing environment.

Payments, earnings and redemptions alike, all occur simultaneously in a real-time split second transaction.

Get to know your customer & target more efficiently

It’s crucial to have clear understanding of the trends within your organization.

Our solution unifies data from different sources and turns them into actionable data ready to use for powerful campaigns.

Powerful interactions throughout the entire customer journey

Whether it’s creating an appealing reward program or sending a (automated) voucher campaign at the right time to the right (group of) customers, it’s at your fingertips.

Nothing stands in the way to truly connect & engage with your customers throughout the entire customer journey.